5 Office Dressing Tips For Indians


Formal dressing or office dressing tips, guys there are very strict but very simple rules that you have to follow. When we are talking about dressing for formal events, many guys failed to make a statement. If you dress too casually, you are not gonna be taken seriously, or if you dress too formally or dress like any other guy in the room, you are not gonna standout. You are not gonna be considered a well-dressed guy, you are not gonna be noticed. And that’s why I am here to help you out today because these are my top 5 rules for formal dressing. How to look great for Indian men who go to offices or any formal events. So let’s start with office dressing tips. When we are talking about formal dressing rules, firstly you have to understand that there are two kinds of formal dressing.


Traditional formal dressing:


So let us talk about traditional formal dressing where the rules are stringent and you have to wear those kinds of clothes especially if you are going to an old school office and office where they don’t give you liberties when it comes to your fashion.


Modern formal dressing:

The second kind of formal dressing is modern formal or business casual as they call it. Where you can play along with the rules just a little bit and you have more options to play around with. But what are these rules when we are talking about shirts. That brings us to tip number one when it comes to dressing great from a formal office perspective.

Tip no. 1:

  • If your office is super old school and you have to follow the traditional rules, so guys this is what you need to follow. Colors – only white or shades of pink or shades of blue. In all three cases, you have to wear a lighter shade of colors because the office is a very daytime situation. And guys one thing that you have to keep in mind that you cannot wear half sleeve shirts, you cannot wear anything too loud of pattern, and avoid to wear high-intensity colors. So this is your first office dressing tip.



  • Let us talk about modern formal dressing, basically don’t wear something too eye-catching and as for colors, once again give priority to lighter shades. But once in a while when it comes to business casual, you can wear a few darker shades like black, navy blue, brown, gray, etc.                                                                                                                                           



Tip no. 2 :

In rule no. 2, we are talking about pants, once again the very basic rule is that you have to be very strict with your color selection. We are talking about black, navy blue and some shades of brown. They are super light pants that you can wear with white or blue shirts. The base of your formal pant should be slightly more sleek, slightly thinner. You can also wear chinos, they are super light and casual looking cotton pants that are tight around your thigh. There is one thing that you guys should keep in mind that the shade of your pants should be slightly darker than your shirt.

Tip no. 3 :

In tip number 3, we are talking about belts, some very simple rules,

  • Don’t wear cotton belts
  • Always try to match the color of your belt to the color of your shoes.
  • Always go for a leather belt or a fake leather belt


Tip no. 4 :

In the fourth point, we are talking about footwear, when it comes to formal footwear there are few ground rules that you have to follow.

Firstly, you are gonna match the color of your socks to pants and secondly, if you are talking about dressing traditionally formal then the color of shoes has to be either the same shade as that of your pants or one shade darker. And if you are talking about modern formal shoes, the top three picks are BROGUES, monk strap, and dark-colored LOAFERS. These shoes are very elegant if you pair it up with the correct formal outfits


Tip no. 5:

 And the fifth and final tip we got to talk about is wristwatches. It is very essential for formal dressing. No formal outfit is gonna be complete without a wristwatch. The watch that I prefer when it comes to formal dressing is always a good quality metallic watch like this one. It is kind of a power symbol especially when you are going to meetings or formal events.

While we are talking about slightly more modern formal dressing, you can afford to wear slightly leathery-looking strap watches. But remember the ground rule when it comes to formal watches, you cannot wear digital watches, watches having fancy dials and watches having patterned strap.


So guys, in this blog I gave you office dressing tips and have covered almost all the aspects of formal dressing.

If you follow these tips you will be the best-dressed guy at your office or any formal party. Remember that the two aspects that I have not covered in this blog are blazer and coats because this will be another topic itself.

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