Best skin care ideas for men

In this blog we are talking about the basic skin care routine, so whether you have got dry skin, oily skin, or even regular skin, this particular Indian skin care routine will help you. I am also gonna tell you what I use on my own skin and what has helped me in past.

Think of this as your friend giving you some genuine advice once again. You want to make sure that your skin looks good, but you don’t have time or patience to sit there and do a thousand face marks every single day. So let’s go, if you follow this skin care routine and do groom yourself time to time, you will never deal with acne, blemishes, skin bumps, skin irritation or any kind of skin problems. But you  have to follow this routine one hundred percent. Skin issues, say good bye to them and lets go with the Indian skin care routine.

Face washing routine

Okay guys, let’s talk about your face washing routine. Few golden rules you have to keep in mind.

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  1. Rule number one, that you have to wash your face for minimum twice a day. Once before going to bed and once in the morning. Just after you get up or just before you reach your office or college. Also someone who enjoys cardio like football and cricket and you end up sweating a lot, then after you come back home in the middle of the day after your cardio session  that’s the third time you can wash your face. But ideally try to stick with twice a day and only go for thrice a day on that one of occasional cardio day.
  2. Next golden rule, I have always recommend you guys to use a mild face wash only, because they make your skin more fresh and cleans it nicely. There are many herbal face washes out there in the market unless you grow ayurvedic or herbal plants at home, you should always be using a hundred percent herbal face wash.
  3. Now there are some very big brands  that say that there products are ayurvedic  but mostly those products just contains ayurvedic ingredients, the entire product is not ayurvedic, the entire product is not herbal. So if it is big company manufacturing herbal products, it is very lightly that it may not be a herbal product. So keep in check only that.

So let’s continue with the face wash routine, this kind of routine applies on all kinds of face washes whether you are going herbal or whether you are going a normal mild face wash, the same rules apply. So firstly, I always prefer washing your face after a shave or after a shower because after shower or shave, all the pores of your skin are slightly opened up, so the face wash helps you to close up the pores and it helps clean up your skin but ayurvedic face washes also adds a lot of nutrition on your skin.

Now when you eat something, when you eat a vegetable your body absorbs all hat nutrition, that’s happening through your digestive system but even your skin is capable of absorbing certain ingredients.

Keep in mind, don’t wash your face with hot water because that’s gonna damage your skin and don’t wash your face with even cold water because even that damages your skin too.  So the way to go is room water or slightly warm water.


All right gentlemen, let’s talk about moisturizers. I am talking about natural moisturizers. Chemically made moisturizers sometimes clog the pores on your skin and increase the acne. In that kind of situation natural moisturizers will be helpful to you. So all you need is some cotton balls, a rose water which is a disinfectant. All you need is to apply the rose water by cotton balls on your skin. Apply it twice a day, once before heading out and once before going to bed.

Next very importantly, let’s talk about lime juice. Just take a half lime squeezed in the bowl, put a cotton ball inside and then just squeeze it on your face. When it comes to lime juice, remember don’t apply it more than once or twice a weak because it is slightly stronger than the rose water. Now the advantage of lime juice is that one it helps  you fight acne and two, it destroys some of the blemishes on face.



Aloe vera

Now aloe vera is one of the most magical plants, its pulp actually has a lot of powers. So you basically squeeze some of the pulp of aloe vera and mix it with lime water. Again take some of the cotton, take some of the gel out and apply in on your face. This is one of the most powerful moisturizers. This is gonna change your life. Turn towards nature, turn away from chemicals.


Diet and lifestyle effect.

The next thing is very simple, your diet and lifestyle factors. The few things that you have to focus on. Quit sugar, reduce junk food and say no to packaged fried snacks. A lot of Indians keep that fried snacks at home, they are full of dirty oils, full of trans fats, you have to get rid of all that. Try including more fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Keep in mind that as important as diet is to your life, you know what else is that important, lesser stress. When you stress a lot it elevates the hormone cortisol in your bloodstream. And a lot of cortisol badly affects your skin. It affects the aging process, it affects the quality of your skin. So how do you reduce cortisol in the long term, there are two factors:

  • Focus on your sleep, mainly the quality of your sleep.
  • Exercise, believe me both exercise and sleep overnight reduce the stress levels and increase the quality of your skin.


The above two factors are as important as all the factors I told you about. So it  was the basic men’s skin care routine for you, hope you get some good knowledge about it.

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