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How to gain weight? The right way !!

There are millions of people in the world who are underweight right now. Less weight is a serious issue for most people but the process of gaining weight is really a serious issue? The answer is not! It’s a normal thing which is has been made a hype. So today, I am going to tell […]

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How to stay healthy in Quarantine?

Some simple, but amazing ideas! What’s up everyone and welcome to my new article, today we have an article on morning routine while in quarantine. I know this is a crazy, weird and unforgettable time that we have never seen and live through before in our lives. So today, I am gonna tell show how […]

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Best skin care ideas for men

In this blog we are talking about the basic skin care routine, so whether you have got dry skin, oily skin, or even regular skin, this particular Indian skin care routine will help you. I am also gonna tell you what I use on my own skin and what has helped me in past. Think […]

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