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Hello, welcome to realmen , your number one source of fashion and best lifestyle guide. In today’s world, who don’t want to be handsome, who don’t want to be stylish and well-groomed, ya I know your answer, and that is everyone. If you want to look the best, you should have all these qualities.

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Raise your confidence, get more Respect and attract more attention from people.

sounds nice, right?

Well if you’d like to taste these pleasures, you’ll have to step up your style game dude.

your look defines your personality and how you feel about yourself. You have to believe that what you wear, matters. Your look influences how you see yourself and how you feel. It influences how others see you and how you are treated. You become the man you see in the mirror.

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And looking awesome is easier than you think

Fashion is pretty easy, you don’t have to wear a stuffy suit every day. You don’t have to be in a constant trend. You should have the basic outfits and the knowledge to carry them on various occasions. We are here to provide the latest trends and guide you for the look that you deserve.


Well, guys, you have to admit it that people judge you by your appearance. The harsh reality is that we make decisions about people within the first 3 seconds of meeting them; we then spend the next 90 seconds trying to confirm our first impressions. This means that before you even open your mouth you’ve been sized up and profiled. Knowing this, a person should always dress neatly, professionally, and appropriately. The fact is you never know who you are going to meet; at any time you may run into a potential client, a future employer, or for those singles out there, the love of your life. And like it or not, they are going to form their initial impression of you based on how you look.

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